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Kanavou v. Chapman University

Results and steps of litigation

Willful blindness/ willful deafness

Chapman University claims it didn’t see or hear Angeliki Kanavou’s requests for accommodation during her long recovery from a near fatal accident. But willful blindness is equivalent to knowledge, the Plaintiff argues. See trial brief.

July 10 trial date vacated

Due to last-minute procedural maneuver by the Defense, the scheduled July 10 trial date has been postponed. A new trial date will likely be set at a July 24 hearing. See Opposition to Defendants' request to amend Answer.

A round-file complaints box?

Chapman University’s grievance process places high hurdles in front of aggrieved faculty members, and leaves some in search of a remedy.

Motion to compel – granted

The court ordered Chapman University to disclose information related to all grievances filed against the university and its staff from 2007-14. See motion and order, Chapman's compelled responses, supplemental responses, and Plaintiff's rendering of this data in spreadsheet.

Motion for summary judgment – denied

The court denied Chapman University's motion for summary judgment, thus upholding all of Plaintiff's seven causes of action at the prima facie stage of litigation.

Initial complaint

Plaintiff Angeliki A. Kanavou alleges seven causes of action against Chapman University: (1) Disability discrimination (FEHA); (2) failure to provide reasonable accommodation; (3) failure to engage in the interactive process; (4) failure to prevent discrimination; (5) wrongful termination; (6) breach of covenant of good faith & fair dealing; and (7) breach of employment contract.